Sometimes things get hard and you fail to find a way to solve a problem or fail to find a solution to get out of a terrible situation. Neither your parents, nor your family members can do that for you. Only you are eligible to getting yourself out of a frying pan or fire – as the donkey did.

There was a farmer who lived in village and had herds of cattle, sheep, goats and one donkey. He was known as Mr Hulk. He was very big, with broad shoulders and a big belly, which was a sign of wealth. He was a respectable man in the village. He believed in giving back to the community by donating to the poor and creating job opportunities. He had a donkey and loved his donkey very much. It was always useful and helpful to him. The donkey made his work very efficient and effective when it came to transportation of his products to consumers.

One day, the farmer, Mr Hulk, dug a big whole and left it like uncovered. He was not aware of the danger that it might have because he had no small children. His children were big enough to manage the farm.

One day the moon was full and the Hulk’s family had made a lot of money through his exportation of his products. Mr Hulk was very proud of his helpful donkey. That night the donkey fell into the big whole that Mr Hulk seemed to have forgotten.

When the farmer woke up in the morning, he noticed that his donkey was no longer in its grazing land where he left it. He called on all men who were known for their bravery from the village to help him find his donkey. One of his sons showed the men the footstep of the donkey and they found it inside the big whole. Mr Hulk and all the village men tried to tie the donkey with a rope and try to pull it up. Their idea did not work.

They thought of other alternatives in order to rescue the beloved donkey of Mr Hulk. All of their ideas didn’t work out. Days went by. The farmer was very worried about his poor, helpful donkey. The donkey started to be weak as it couldn’t get food and water to drink. The farmer ditched all other methods of helping the donkey. He decided to pour soil over it so that it could die faster because he couldn’t help it anymore. He did not know what else to do.

The men of the village started pouring soil over it but. But the donkey shook the soil off it and stood on top of the poured soil. This happened till it got out.

A donkey is an animal that is looked down upon by human beings because of its laziness. But it is very helpful. The donkey had hope of getting out, even the owner of the donkey lost hope. The donkey used its intelligence as a skill to get out. It is not talented at being intelligent.