“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the most essential elements that one should have in the process of achieving and reaching their dreams is believing in the power of their dreams. Only then can they automatically tap into that higher power that will lead them to achieving those dreams. A lot of people miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of their dreams because they lack self-belief, and believing in yourself before other people can do the same is very important.

I have heard of a slogan from a popular brand network that says, “The power is in your hands,” and I’m in complete agreement with it. I agree with it because I believe I have it in me to achieve my dreams and also see the beauty in them. My dreams should not only be able to satisfy me alone, but they should also be able to help uplift someone else in life. They will not only contribute to a positive change in my life, but they will also positively impact other people as well.

I am a strong believer in the idea that whatever I want to achieve in life must have purpose, intentions and a positive impact. I want to be an educator, but a lot of people have discouraged me against it. My uncle even told me once not to become a teacher because, in his opinion, teachers earn peanuts. Well, my dreams aren’t that materialistic. I want to become a teacher because I have found a purpose from tutoring my siblings and neighbours, imparting the little knowledge that I have to help them. I found a passion from doing something that I’m good at and enjoy.

I have come to know the importance of education and the type of positive impact it has in my community and the world at large. When you know what your calling and purpose is, everything starts to fall into place. I know I have something valuable to offer that, through education, is going to contribute to a positive change in other people’s lives.

I believe in education and I have already seen beauty in it. It has positively impacted the lives of people such as the iconic and legendary Mr Nelson Mandela and Michelle Obama, who I draw a lot of inspiration from.

Positive thoughts really play a significant role in imagining and mediating towards one’s future. My way of thinking helps me get to a point where I can affirmatively believe in the beauty and power of my dreams. I love succeeding in everything I do. So, associating myself with people who stimulate the right kind of positive thoughts in me always works in my favour. Association with people who want to see me grow and excel in everything I do works for my good. People who do not bring out the best in you and don’t even see your potential are not meant for you.

One quality that I really admire about myself is that I find inspiration from a lot of things and a lot of people. It is easier for me to find inspiration in other people because inspiration makes me realise that, indeed, my dreams are valid. I draw inspiration from many people, regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, or gender.

I have chosen a path that I want to take in life, and, because I have been discouraged so many times, that has taught me that I need to seek validation from God and not from other people. You have the power to dream and make your dreams 100% real, and nothing can stop you, not even the heaviest storms!


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