In a village in Kwazulu-Natal, lived a young beautiful girl named Thando. She was as pretty as a butterfly. Thando had never had a boyfriend from the day she was born. After finishing school; she decided to go and study in at a university in Joburg.

When she got there, she completely changed. She started going to parties and instead of getting a boyfriend, she got herself a “blesser”. One night the “blesser” decided to take her to his home and when they got there, they went into the bedroom. He insisted they sleep together but she didn’t allow it to happen.

“I can’t… I mean, I won’t do it.” Thando said scared.

“Should I act like I care because I really don’t. This is “do or die,” the blesser said.

She still said no! He forced himself on her. She was a virgin and there was blood everywhere. Then after a month, she went to meet with her doctor and that’s where she found out she was HIV positive. She then made a list of 500 men that she would sleep with and infect them with the virus so that she doesn’t die alone. She finished her book and slept with 500 men. As she was about to finish packing her clothes, she got a call from her doctor.

“Thando, sorry to inform you in such short notice, but we mixed your results with someone else’s. You are not HIV positive.”

Instead of being happy, she was in tears. She said to herself after sleeping with 500 men, why am I not HIV positive? She then went back to her village, finished university and was a doctor. She didn’t really forget her past. She learned from it.