Once upon a time, long ago, there was a fine young lady, her name was Inga. She had wonderful parents and they were so successful in the business world but unfortunately both died in a car crash.

Inga did not have family in Cape Town other than her aunt but she did not take her in. She was forced to move to the Eastern Cape at an early age to live with her grandmother. She grew up with boys and doing all the chores around the house as she was the only child.

A few years later the worst thing happened, her grandmother, Nopikile, passed away leaving her alone. She was forced to go back to Cape Town to her evil aunt to further her education and also have guidance.

The evil aunt took Inga’s royalties to build her house and bought herself fancy stuff. She was soon made to be a slave as she begun high school in the townships while her cousins were studying with white and privileged kids.

She did not mind as she was well behaved. She did all the work around the house, achieving the same grades as her cousins. She was a laughing stock, denied food if she did not finish her work. Even her clothes were in a poor condition but she did not complain because she knew she would only get the ones left by her cousins.

She was always yelled at because she was always with boys and was misunderstood for sleeping with them but she wasn’t, all those boys were her friends. She was told she would be pregnant by the time she finished school but one of her cousins fell pregnant and the aunt was disappointed.

Inga was very good with her hands and she excelled and was even offered a scholarship but the aunt refused to sign the papers. Inga was doomed as she wanted to become an inspiring young engineer. The work she did in the community, fixing cars and welding, one would say that it was a boy doing all that work.

She was so inviting and well behaved. In a few years she went to university and did not have a bursary so she applied for one but did not qualify.

She was at residence at school when she heard life-changing and motivational news.

A company that her parents worked for before they passed on recognised her and told her that there was a trust that her parents left for her and they were told to look after her and pay her fees. She was very happy that even in death her parents were looking after her.

The fees were paid and she studied and passed well. She found a job and bought a house and a car.

A few years later she got married to a fine young man. They had a child and Inga named her child after her aunt. She went back to her aunt’s house and bought groceries for her. She thanked her aunt for showing her life and all the work that she gave her made her realise that in life you need to work hard for what you want or need. She also thanked her for all those times when she asked for things and wouldn’t get them or get them at a later stage; that helped her to be patient in life.

Her aunt burst in tears and then hugged her apologetically. They lived happily after.

This shows that whatever life gives you, you have to find solutions and never give up, just like Inga. Stand your ground and be patient, you may not get whatever you want, but what you need you will always have; no one will take that away.


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