She is not just a mother but the strongest woman that I know. She raised me for fifteen years without a man standing by her side. She is my inspiration as not every mother would have done it all by herself.

Most children at school would celebrate Father’s Day and I always thought my grandfather was my father until I was five years old. I was scared to ask my mother about my father because it had been so long and I had never seen him visiting or even calling her. Some nights I would wonder how she felt that he left her but I didn’t want to ask her.

I grew up with the mind-set that he was going to want to crawl back to her when he saw me making her proud. I kept pushing hard to make mama smile and every year I did I never saw my mother so happy. At fourteen years my mother found out about my first boyfriend, and her words were, “Boys will get you pregnant and just leave, don’t you trust them!” Since then she’s been there for me wiping my tears and encouraging me.

I’m glad to say that I’m almost sixteen now and not pregnant or in any relationship. I’m just focusing on my school work, all thanks to my strong mother. I believe a woman can make it in life without a man. My mother has gone fifteen years without a man and is one independent woman. I hope this encourages all single mothers.


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