I don’t mean to sound self-righteous, but there are shitty and sick relationships out there. How can you date your own sibling?

This is a retarded story of two cousins who fell madly in love with each other.

Ew! I mean there is consanguinity in there – their mothers are blood-related sisters. You probably wanna know who these two psychos are? It’s a boy and a girl who just happen to be born in a family of Christians. Their names are Talia and Noah Holmes.

Talia is a ravishing brunette girl. She is as pale as the moon. Her eyes are blue as the sky and her eyes are the most attractive feature in that vivacious body of hers. She is a 21-year-old college student who has an eye for older guys. She is a wild party animal who gets drunk at every bar. Her mother passed away on her 16th birthday and that explains her bad behaviour. Talia’s mother, Giselle, was Noah’s mother, Karen’s, baby sister.

Giselle died of cancer, (may her soul rest in peace) and Talia never had a father figure in her life. Her father is some unknown guy, a sperm donor who could not care less or has no idea of Talia’s existence.

And Noah, his name does not suit him, is one year older than Talia. He is a very good looking guy with a perfect physique, he is lively and spontaneous, he likes surfing and he is Karen’s youngest son. He has inherited his father’s charming looks and his mother’s black hair.

I am not gonna mention his big brother Alfonso, he is never around. He is not a potent character. He lives far away from Boston MA. Talia and Noah have always been close. Talia likes Noah because he’s funny, sarcastic and not uptight like Alfonso. Talia always showed aversion towards every girl Noah ever dated.

She would say, “I’m just showing sisterly love. These floozies are gonna break your heart. You will find Ms Right. You’re looking at her.”

At first, he thought she was bluffing but she was not kidding and he eventually turned her down.

“It is not right for us to do this. We are cousins. You are like my younger sister,” he said putting on a self-righteous facade.

Deep down he knew how much he wanted her but he was trying to combat it. Talia saw right through him.

“You want this,” she said as she kissed him.

He kissed her back. They were all over each other and one thing led to another. They undressed each other and began having sexual intercourse in the Holmes’s living room.

I wish they could be caught red-handed. What they did was disgusting and I feel like puking. How can you be attracted to your own cousin?

They pursued this relationship that is both incestuous and immoral. I am sure Giselle is turning over in her grave. The question is how will the family react when they find out about this secret love affair between these two blood-related cousins?

It was their recklessness that forced them to come out of the closet.

Karen found Talia’s pregnancy test in the bathroom, but what she did not know was that the guy who impregnated her lovely niece is her very own son.

“I know when I see a pregnant woman and I am afraid my niece is pregnant. She is so sickly pale and nauseous, it must be the morning sickness. Poor child, I wonder who the father is. That’s why I must call an intervention,” she said to Noah.

Noah knew that his parents will write him off when they found out what he did and if Alfonso heard about this he was definitely going to rejoice over his younger brother’s downfall, as Noah was known to be the good brother with no flaws.

Karen called a family meeting and it is hectic. All the family members are there including the grandparents and Noah’s dad, John.

“I wonder what this is all about. Let’s hope it has nothing to do with my Noah. I might have failed him as a father but he is a good kid,” Noah’s dad whispers to his father.

At first, there is a moment of silence and then Karen speaks,

“I’ve called this family meeting to…” Karen says and is interrupted by her niece who looks terrible.

“Honey, you should be in bed. Just look at you. Your body temperature is high.” Karen says concerned as she feels Talia’s forehead.

“I’m fine Karen,” Talia says, pushing her aunt’s hands away.

“I know what this ganging up is about, you might as well hear it from the horse’s mouth. I’m three weeks pregnant.”

Everyone looks completely shocked at her unexpected confession.

“Good grief! My God! We were summoned all the way for this?” grandma says

“Nevertheless a child is a gift from God. The child had not sinned.”

But this family believes in no sex before marriage, so grandpa asks with a stern look,

“Who is the father?”

The question rattles Talia. Before she could come up with anything to say, Noah’s own father interrupts her.

“It’s obviously those rowdy and lowlife young men who call themselves rock stars or her professor perhaps.”

Karen gives her former husband an evil eye for saying obnoxious stuff about her niece.

“Good grief! How can you think so low of my niece, John?  You are her uncle for heaven’s sake. You are supposed to protect her not judging her so harshly,” she says, defending the girl who is carrying her son’s child.

Noah’s dad folds his arms then asks, “Who is the father?”

Noah stands up to hold Talia’s hand like lovers do, “I am the father,” he confesses and everybody laughs at him.

“Son, come on, this is not a good time to be facetious. Your cousin is about to tell us who knocked her down. I won’t be surprised if it’s an older and married guy who impregnated her,” Noah’s dad says.

Noah kisses Talia in front of the family to make them believe that they are lovers. The family is appalled.

“Tell me this is not true Noah,” his mother says, shivering.

“I am afraid it is true, dear mother, Talia and I are in love. We are expecting our first child together,” Noah says.

Karen faints after hearing this confusing and sick confession. Noah’s dad punches him so hard on his face, causing a nosebleed.

“How can you do this to us? You are no longer my son. You are dead to me. As for you, little whore, not so long ago you were making moves on me and now you’ve managed to trap my son,” Noah’s dad says, with rage written all over his face.

These two are disowned and they face harsh consequences such as being kicked out of their family home.

I do not blame the family for taking hardcore measures. Karen is devastated and heartbroken that her favourite son has impregnated her niece. She will be a grandmother to her niece’s child, how absurd.

What will they tell their child? That he or she is a product of incest?

Nine months later Talia has a stillbirth. There was no sign of life when she gave birth to her baby and the doctor concluded that the baby had already died in the mother’s womb.

They would have had a daughter. She was tiny and beautiful, so vulnerable. This was a painful experience for them. It is painful to carry a child for nine months only to lose it at birth. The cause of the child’s death was unknown. They named her Sage and they had no family support. Sage’s coffin was so tiny and she never got a chance to see the world. Their plan of eloping was in turmoil.

“It must be God’s wrath for what we did. It’s absurd. Me and you, we are not good for each other. I’m supposed to be a brother to you yet we created a life together. Family is everything, Talia. We have to go back and apologise for what we did,” Noah says.

His suggestion makes her angry at first. The death of Sage has drifted them apart. But they went back to the Holmes household to ask for forgiveness.

They were forgiven but those bad memories cannot be erased overnight. There is an awkward atmosphere and Karen avoids Talia as much as she can. Things will never be the same. So Talia moves out to cohabit with her new older boyfriend Stanley.

Noah finds himself a rebound to forget Talia. His rebound girl is a good girl from next door who knows about his incestuous relationship but she chose not to judge him. He had found himself quite a good woman in her. So if he knows what’s good for him, he better not screw this up.

Do you think that relationships such as Talia and Noah’s still exist in the 21st century?