The person you judge today could be your hero tomorrow. If the people around someone are not capable then that person will seem capable if compared to them. A wise man always changes his mind, he can be like a fool in the eyes of the blind because it is said that a blind person will never guide another.

In the village of Ojamama, all the villagers are wealthy, they have cows and donkeys. In this village there was a poor man who had only one donkey, all the men were having more than three wives but the poor man had no family at all, not even a single wife or child, and he was living alone.

The people in Ojamama when they see him, they thought he is the man who sees the darkness on earth. This poor man was called Solomon. He can be likened to a snake in a good mood, he likes people but he hates those who judge or undermine him. The people were taking him for granted, although he was a man who liked people, people who like the others are perceived as the luckiest people in the world.

One day in the village of Ojamama there was a shortage of water because in that year there was no rainfall. And there was drought. One night Solomon was sleeping, he had a huge dream. He dreamed of selling water to people, quickly he woke up, he started to ask himself many questions such as how could he sell water to his people. Unfortunately, he had no answer to his questions. Solomon never undermined his dream.

Early in the morning Solomon decided to draw the plan for a cart and after that he started making a donkey cart. It takes about three to five days to complete his donkey cart. He then used his donkey cart, to travel to neighbouring villages looking for water. Fortunately, he found a hidden river in Ojara village. No one had ever noticed this river before, it was about 30km from Ojamama (from Ojamama to Ojara is 60km). Solomon fetched water at this unknown river.

On his way home he started remembered the people that mocked him when he was making his cart. They’d said nasty things.

“Look at him, a foolish man has started getting mad,” they’d said.

He kept on telling himself that no one could stop a lion from killing when it’s hungry. He compared himself to a hungry lion. The people who’re always waiting for you to fall are the people who give you courage to move further and never give up what you do.

He arrived at home with water and villagers were surprised and confused. He was also surprised to see many people at the back of his cart singing with joy. He began to sell water to the people of his village. From that day he was known as the first person in Ojamama village to create a donkey cart.

After that Solomon got all the respect from the people and some shared their wealth with him. Finally, he got married and he was blessed with three children from his three wives. He became a happy wealthy man.

Tell us: With drought facing many parts of South Africa and Africa in general, what unique solution do you have that could help save water?