Being yourself leads to accepting others for who and what they are. Insecure people have high expectations. They live wanting and expecting people around them to be flawless when even they themselves are the complete opposite. Many of these people are unhappy and are living a life defined by other people. They forget who they are and miss the opportunity of being their best selves.

You read a magazine and it’s all about perfection, e.g. your perfect body in 30 days, your flawless skin in 14 days. We are told by the media that you have to look a certain way to be perfect; you must be a certain height, have a certain skin colour, you should smile and walk in a certain way to be considered perfect. Every time I scroll on my feeds on Facebook or Instagram I see those kinds of posts about beauty products, weight loss products, hair products, skin lightening products – just to mention a few.

The media says to us: “Hey, you dark skinned chubby woman, you’re ugly with that colour, hair and weight. Use these products in order to be classified as beautiful.”

Life has been so hard recently with the pressure we get on social media. From the food we eat, places we dine in, clothes we wear, the kind of houses we live in, schools, accent, to workplace. Don’t let social media and media as a whole derail you, it is not worth it. Don’t spend money you don’t have wanting to impress and fit in with your peers, understand that we come from different backgrounds and you are unique.

I want everyone reading this to know that perfection is a myth. Repeat after me: perfection is not real! Do not seek it for anyone or yourself because it has never existed and can never exist. Live your best life, remove the word perfect from your vocabulary. If I could define a perfect person I would define him or her as an imperfectly perfect person who’s fully alive, understands that mistakes happen, embraces the flaws of themselves and those of others without judgment. Someone who understands that to be perfect is to be imperfectly unique, kind and honest.

The Oxford Dictionary defines perfect as “having all the required and desirable elements, qualities or characteristics as good as it is possible to be free from flaw or defect in condition or quality.”

Maybe there are perfect things like a perfect event or a perfect house. But let’s remove the notion of perfection for people. Let’s stop expecting perfection in people and understand that we are unique and in our own way we are perfect.

I love the quote by Eraldo Benovac about perfection: “Don’t think you can act perfectly, a perfect person does not exist, always strive to give your best effort and that’s it.” Memorise that phrase, always strive for excellence in everything you do and live fully until you find your purpose.


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