Winds blows freely. Here I am standing, wondering, with nobody visible or talking. Only the sound of a broken metal sheet making the loudest noise. Nobody cares to mind or tries to stop this longing that’s buried deep down in my heart, but myself, I did give it a go. Took a walk trying to get away from this loneliness, but it kept coming closer and closer as I took steps away from home. Who deserves to be all alone? Nobody is meant to be standing solely until infinity.

If I had the strength to take out the voices inside of me then I would bring them to life just to be with somebody close by. Not that they don’t keep quiet at times, they do, but at least they’ll be there watching me fall asleep just like any child who has a nanny. They knew even if nobody said a thing, that somebody was there wishing them to sleep peacefully. Or should I take a nap? Maybe this is the time somebody will walk in. As soon as they do I swear I’ll wake up immediately.

Same as a patient visited in the hospital room. Yes, of course I am in this ward all by myself being treated for this unknown disease. Only the creator knows when will I be discharged. To feel, see somebody, love; longing keeps on. With no treatment, only hope has it on.

I’ve become tasteless and senseless to this touch from somebody who cares. Yes, I did. I mean I am not even an inch closer to this affection that gets everybody well and cherishing. Strange but true, because yes, I’m lonely.

The big double bed that’s meant to be kept just like that double bodied. But no one is around here. Look, there I am, awake at midnight. I’m the only one feeling cold, should I keep it as a secret that men also do get lonely? Because this is how it feels.

Yes, I’m lonely tonight. Will it last this long, then vanish? I’ve had it, yes, I did. Loneliness got me like. Writing. Shhhhh. There goes a knock at the door. I wonder who that is, let me…Smiles. Come in, yes, come in, I’ve been waiting, finally.

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