I sit at the corner, asking myself these questions. Has the love that built me finally turned its back on me? I just don’t get it. It eventually switched sides and I don’t understand. I am locked in this cage, waiting. Who’s that? Has she finally come to free me? But she’s kicking the key away.

Wasn’t she the one that God finally sent to free me from these bars called pain? Or was my brain playing tricks on me again? She’s the number zero that multiplied my standards to nothing. As I hold her hand I feel heaven, only I don’t release I was just unlocking a way to hell.

Caged in a cell, about to meet my ancestors. If time was money I wouldn’t be rich cause she wasted mine. This fancy line ain’t fine without the sign that aligns the spine that defines the term pain in the vein of rain to gain an access to a brain.

To me, life is like a person and love is like the brain; not many of us ‘have’ it. I mean, where’s the fun in breaking a person’s heart? Only a person without a brain would do that.
You are a nightmare come true and I guess writing takes the pain away and creates a bond to the universe I just can’t explain.

I kneel down to ask God but it’s left unsolved. Even scientists can explain love but I am busy being the lab rat. Thank you for the empty promises. Thank you for the broken heart. Thank you for the time I wasted just trying to please you.

I am done being what you think I am. I am done putting my life in a fairy tale that is never ending with a ‘happy ever after’. Pain didn’t change me, it made me. She broke my heart but magically I still love her with all the broken pieces. I circled around the devil’s kingdom, turned my back on the Bible just trying to find where you are.

I never got tired of knocking at the door cause I thought you would open up. I ain’t the person who locked you up, neither did love do so, but the person who never knew love is to blame for you selfish behaviour. If men are dogs then women are mammals, they only care about themselves; sad but it’s true. I always asked myself why the devil is in the Bible, but truly speaking it’s because I also had a devil in my heart.


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