I live minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, yet it seems like nothing is changing. It appears as if I’m living in circles: history keeps repeating itself.

I know that something is not right in this world. I have journeyed through life, and when I turned back to see how far I have gone, everything is different and changed but at the same time, it seems so familiar.

That’s when I fully grasp that change doesn’t happen overnight. It may not happen suddenly but eventually you will find that things aren’t as they were. What you do between the transitions in your life is what establishes the kind of metal you are built with. Is it copper, that is light and soft, or carbon steel, that doesn’t break when put under pressure?

In life, things don’t always work out the way we had hoped or planned, and this may be for the better or for the worse. I could hit a hard rock and the hummer will bounce back and hit me on the forehead. This will be painful, but I’ll survive: I always do. It’s in my nature to survive and adopt.

I’m unique. If an egg breaks from the outside it’s the end of life, but if it’s broken from within, new life springs. That’s when I realised great things come from within. God created birds and regardless of size or height, they were supposed to fly.

Those that tested their ability soared high and became friends with the clouds. Those that doubted their ability got stuck on the ground. Chickens are the perfect example, because even with their wings they looked down on themselves and chose to walk with their feet forever.

‘God gave them wings to fly but it has never been done,’ said a friend. ‘It’s impossible,’ said logic. ‘Are you sure?’ asked the mind. ‘You have failed once,’ said history. Why turn back keep on running? It is hard but I’m a survivor.

The mountain is high and painful to climb but those on top are already calling for you to join them. For you to get there you have to make yourself a prisoner to your own goals. This is not the time to be lazy and settle down, you must run for achievement.

Do everything in your abilities, and you might get a surprise regarding what you are made and capable of. You might fail and fall but after the battle you will be standing: you are a survivor.


Tell us: Are you a survivor?