When I finally meet you, I want us not to rush love. I want you to be able to sit me down and tell me the real truth about you so that I can be able to sit you down and tell you about me. I will tell you about what I have gone through in my past, not so you can feel sorry for me but so you will know. If you’re really out there, I just don’t want you to ever wonder about my past.

Somethings may not be easy for you to understand but if you’re really out there, I just wish you can be able to understand. Sometimes I will cry in front of you as a man, I won’t be doing it to hurt you but would need you comfort and support. All I want is the best kind of love for the both of us; the kind built in honesty. But only if you’re really out there.

I wish that as the time goes on, I can be to hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you not that i want to play with our love and to be that man who will alway be there for you but that’s only if I finally meet you.

Last but not least I want you to know that I’m not perfect. I am the same as everyone else; I’m imperfect and I have my imperfections. I want what is really the best for the both of us without telling you in words but maybe by actions.