According to science, the measured growth of the universe goes beyond the visual power of the naked eye, with consistent growth, which means for every mega parsec (3.3 million light years, or 3 billion trillion kilometres from Earth) the universe is expanding an extra 73.3 ±2.5 kilometres per second.

The furthest visible regions of the universe set the foundation, because going the extra mile in our personal lives, careers, jobs, ventures, and interests requires us to have a mind that epitomises having an attitude in the likelihood of the universe, which is constant expansion, and not settling for second best.

What do we learn from the analogy of reading factual statistical data of the universe? We realise the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zones to become the best versions of ourselves like the universe.

Therefore, is it always predictable to measure the level of success that we are aspiring towards? Of course not. If the universe is constantly expanding, why can we not also expand in leaps and bounds?

You see, my dear friend, the society that you and I are living in is controlled by the laws and regulations that are governing the world and the planet that we are living in, but the question will always be: can the earthly realm govern the aspirations, powers and goals and dreams within you? Or will you always limit yourself, and push yourself in a hole, and box yourself in the realms of “I cannot do it, this too impossible for me”?

Although offensive it may sound to us, the universe on the side of you is calling for a higher self. The universe on the side of us is crying for a higher transformation – because this higher self within us knows no limits. Have you asked a child what their dreams are, and they say to you that they are dreaming of a career more confined to their realities? Of course not.

Therefore, this calls upon us, as young people, to see ourselves through the eyes of the child within us, who believes that anything is possible, and that nothing is impossible. If your surroundings, your world, your environment, your community, or your family tries to put off the dreams within, just know that there is more within you than you have ever comprehended. There is a child within you (the child can be interpreted as a dream, a goal or a destiny) that is asking you to step it up, and to shake off the limitations that you have been setting up for yourself for such a long time.

It is time for the young people of this generation to believe that if the universe can expand, so can they. But the question will always be, are you willing to put in the extra level of hard work, determination, grit and tenacity towards your vision and your dreams?

In closing, always remember to hold the hand of the child within you, because to that child, nothing is impossible. The universe is expanding – so can you, if only you could go the extra mile. Just don’t quit, or just don’t give up – don’t abandon your dream – stay in the race and stay in the game, and remember you will make it despite the limitations that life throws your way.

Although it may seem difficult, never lose hope, because your light is here, and it is time to shine through the darkness that the COVID pandemic has put you through.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope it has challenged and improved you to get out of the limitations and thrive through your goals and dreams to expand towards your destination. May God bless our FunDza Fanz readers.

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