If we surely trust in him and put all our faith in him with all of our hearts, and ask him to solve all of our problems in his presence. Without having any doubt in what he can do, he is going to answer our problems, by granting us with everlasting happiness in our lives, with just a simple word or words like the way he calmed down the storms on the sea of Galilee, as he was in a boat with his twelve disciples and the fishermen.

If you deepen your hands in God’s words, he is going to heal all your problems. Let him also touch you with his holy hands, for his hands are clean at all times. Just like the way he healed the blind man. God can again heal all your problems that you are suffering, as you live in your day to day life. God does it without any demand for money, just like the way, the witch doctors do or some other prophets do, to help you with your problems.

God does not help people with their problems based on their appearances, levels in the society, tribe, race and even class, he helps the ones who put their trust and faith in him as his scriptures say.