(based on a true story)

It was early January 2013 when the two lovebirds finally saw each other again. Cindy had disappointed Siphu before and failed to make the journey to Ngqamakhwe, a small town in the Eastern Cape, from King William’s Town, to visit him over the December holidays.

Siphu, having missed her terribly and wanting to see her, decided to surprise her and go to King to see his sweet love. On the way he called her and told her he’s coming. She sounded excited and happy for the surprise. When the bus took the route via Alice, Siphu got overwhelmed by the majestic structure of Fort Hare University (UFH). Studying there had been his lifelong dream.

Feeling the need to share his excitement with someone special, he called Cindy. To his disappointment Cindy was unable to talk freely. She said the timing was bad and she hung up. Siphu now had to travel the rest of way without any communication from his beloved.

Like the sun brings hope in the morning, it brought more than that to Siphu’s sorry case. He met his love and they made love; love sweeter than they have ever made before. But just as all good things come to an end, Cindy put an end to the lovely reunion.

She told him that she’ll be accompanying her aunt and her cousins to King. Siphu wasn’t pleased at the news but there was nothing he could do to change her mind.

They decided to have a date on a Tuesday morning. They went to West Coast College in Atlantis looking for a school and were told to submit their documents on a Friday if possible. On their way back they enjoyed a lovely treat at a KFC within the Atlantis mall. Thereafter they travelled to Cape Town, Delft.

On a Friday they had returned to Atlantis with a friend but their admissions were rejected and they had to return home disappointed. As if adding salt to injury, Cindy had to remind Cphu about her journey again – Cphu never took it nicely at all.

Cindy was being transferred back to Eastern Cape to stay with her aunt and cousins. Cphu didn’t understand why she had to go but Cindy promised to be back soon. She was going to come back with her aunt who was to start on a new job so coming back was inevitable. Cphu had to let her go.

It was a night before the morning that Cindy was going away, whereby Cphu asked her to meet with him. They met and it never went well – according to Cphu – even a blind person would tell you the same. He felt that the day quickly rushed he still wanted to spend more time with her. He cried when she was leaving, told her he really loved her and that he will miss her. As she walked away that day, Cphu knew it in his heart that something had changed, he had lost her. His heart broke.

She arrived on the 12th January 2013 around 14h00 – Cphu had estimated the journey. He stayed up all night communicating with her and checking if she was travelling safely. She never called him, nor did she pick up the phone when he called, or returned any of his calls or texts.

After Cphu spent a day and night without sleeping to make sure that she arrived safely the reward was just a reason that Cindy had forgotten to call him back. He didn’t argue. He had lost her.