If only you knew that I was going to be rich and famous. If only you knew the way my life would turn out.

Back then, I was poor, I didn’t have the coolest clothes, shoes or even a car. I wasn’t into material things. I dated you and my books only. I always told you about my plans, dreams and my heart’s desires. I guess you didn’t take that seriously, just like you never took our relationship seriously.

My friends always warned me about you, but I chose to see the good in you. I always wanted someone like you in my life. You are not actually all that bad. You have a good side to you as well. You told me about how you would love to travel the world and discover what hasn’t been seen before. The look in your eyes when you were telling me these things was priceless.

Things that you did to me can’t even be digested even if by a pig! I mean who in her right mind would lie about her boyfriend’s mother to other people, saying she is a witch? Who would do that? Who would cheat on her boyfriend with his three friends and one classmate? Who?

I never meant anything to you. Yet you meant everything to me.

But now I hear rumours about you, telling people that I am your ex. I even see your social media posts claiming that we are still an item. I blocked you on my Twitter account but you created another account under a false identity.

If only you knew that life is not certain, things change. If only you knew my love for you was unmeasurable. If only you knew that I like to work hard and buy my own stuff, not ask my mom to buy for me. If only you knew. If only you didn’t do those horrible things. Maybe we would have been an item. Maybe we could be travelling overseas with my private jet.

But “if” doesn’t work in real life and “maybe” doesn’t change what happened. I just hope and pray that you get serious help. Just so you know, I forgave you.


Tell us: Have you ever taken someone for granted? What happened?