If I didn’t hold on to the word ‘strong’ perhaps I wouldn’t be suffering from unbearable pain, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. I would have found peace, but I let the word ‘strong’ destroy me.

My heart is bleeding without feeling any pain because of holding on. I should have cried when I had time to let go of my pain, but I chose not to because of claiming that I’m ‘strong; and ‘strong’ people don’t cry, not being aware how it affected me.

I have damaged my own emotions by holding onto the word ‘strong’. My heart is bleeding from unbearable pain, but I can’t cry anymore no matter how painful it is. The word ‘strong’ brings me down. I have turned into a monster towards people. I let the word strong turn me into a vindictive person towards innocent people. Because of the pain that I allowed to grow inside me, by holding onto my tears, it has built hatred. Now I have realised the importance of crying, because when you cry, the pain goes away and that’s what brings peace and forgiveness in our hearts.

Being weak sometimes doesn’t mean you’re a failure, but it helps to not hold onto the things that will block your happiness in future. Don’t hold onto the word ‘strong’, even if it is unnecessary.


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