If these walls could talk, imagine the secrets I could share with them. This world is a dirty place, a place where brothers only think about themselves and where sisters kill to survive. I remember my mum’s words: “My son, this world has no friends, rather trust a stone than mankind.” Wise words.

Every time I look at the walls I ask them: “What do you know? Did she cheat on me? What are they gossiping about?”

I know for a fact that these walls have seen and heard more than me, so I ask: “Why can’t you share your knowledge with me, if knowledge is power?”

I make up my mind, look at the walls again and say: “I know I’m asking you an impossible task but in the name of God, please tell me what you know.”

Suddenly there is a change in atmosphere, as if an illusion is happening.

Finally the walls answer my prayers and reply: “Silence isn’t empty, it’s filled with answers.”