Having an introverted character hindered me in so many things. I could have gained various advantages that I could be using in today’s life. It was never an option to isolate myself from everyone whom I was not close to, but I had to. I grew up spending time alone, though some of my peers in the village would come at my home. I always made sure I found a chance to kick them out by pointing an excuse that they fell for and it worked for my own good.

Being alone was one of the best things I used to love. As there was not really something to do and the only thing I would be busy with was reading novels I had access to only when I was at home.

The most challenging thing I had was my failure to interact with people. I’d usually be quite wherever I am. This kind of character influenced me to believe more in the fact that I am happy when I am alone.

Being alone was my liberation and I never saw the bad part of it. During my secondary schooling it saved me from all sorts of drama. I remember this other day when everyone was in trouble for making noise during class, the teacher punished everyone except me, and my classmates understood his choice.

The year after my matric I took a gap year for self-rediscovery. My parents advised me to take a short course in IT. I had to meet new people every day in public transports and at the college. I survived by being on my phone. I used to focus on my phone more than anything, the challenge of meeting people made me realise how important my phone is. I even bought new headsets so I can play music using them and I wouldn’t have any other problem.

When I come to university this year, I told myself that I have my phone and headset, I’ll listen to music, call my close friends and family. Unfortunately, on my fifth day I lost my phone. I spent two days in my room without getting outside to do orientation activates. I was so hurt. I had to make excuses that I was sick so the student leaders used to bring food to my room and leave me in peace.

After three days I got a new phone and started attending orientation with my phone on hand and my headset. I didn’t care if anyone was against it or not but I was liberating myself. Even today I still use my phone to avoid people. Every time I see someone passing next to me I quickly look at my phone because I am not comfortable interacting and it is saving me from dramas.

I just wish I could live without my phone.