I will keep on waiting. It never happens. As if it exists if I don’t gather courage within me. Face another day, things will change. But now I have noticed it’s a line never meant to be on planet earth.

My mind is stuck with hallucinations. My ears hear, but I avoid the blunt voices. My eyes see, but I forsake the dark sight. My heart silently speaks: wait for another five years; it’s not so long. It took the Israelites 40 years to reach the promised land, walking in the dessert. The God who guided them shall guide you to your prepared destiny. Remember, Sarah was barren, but at the age of grace and blessings she bore a child.

The deep courage sets in, but maybe it’s time I walk in the market with wide-open eyes; maybe I’ll jump into your sight. Passing by the destination, maybe the destiny will be you.

The light in my eyes has now turned pale. Even when the day is old I search for you in dreams, but each time I wake up I find my dreams still sleeping. Oh love! When shall I sound the trumpet of awaited fate? Days go by, a moon can disappear and sunlight too can fade. Rich men can lose their glory and never sip the joy on their lips. But know that my heart lingers for you in each day, hour, minute and second. I’ll wait for you, just as the watchman waits for the morning.


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