What did he say? Nothing? He still hasn’t responded after all this time. Wow! I wouldn’t want to be you right now.

I told you he wasn’t the one for you but you are – not stupid – but less intelligent. He lied and you believed him. Do you remember the time I told you he was with that tall light- and clear-skinned girl? You dismissed me like I was mad. Look at your tears making your skin worse than what it is. Get a grip!

Remember when we saw his texts to that party girl he claimed to be friends with? I saw something else. I didn’t want to tell you or believe it myself but it’s only right I do so now. So don’t be mad, but I saw him telling his friend how not-enough-of-a-girl you were. Yes, honey, lose that confidence. It doesn’t look good on…people like you.

Wait, what are you doing? Get away from that window. Don’t even think about that. Mom will be hurt and dad will leave her because of you, so don’t! You are already a burden to your family so you can’t do this now. Listen, ugly girl, he’ll soon forget about you. Rather kill him instead. Make him feel what you feel. Right? Good.

I know, I know, stop hugging me now. A good best friend is what I am.


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