You were the angel I prayed for, the saviour I wished for. You made my dreams come true and now all of those sweet moments are now memories. Allowing you to leave my world was the worst mistake I have ever made but I still love you. My love was for you and nobody else.

You create deep inside of me a burning desire that can never be quenched by the oceans. You are my world and I still love you. Nothing beats the feeling in my heart when you are with me. Give me that assurance that you are coming back because my world needs you. I love you every day.

Your love is incomparable and I am ready to cover any mile just to be with you. Our love journey didn’t end. It is only taking a different turn and nothing can keep us apart.
I never stopped loving you, I can never spend a moment with the thought that it is over between us.

You are the essence of my existence. Let me love you the way you deserve. I miss your smile, I miss your voice, and I miss seeing your charming face. Baby, I miss everything about us and wish we never took the decision we did. I still want you.

I know that you feel less about what I want in life, but you mean everything to me. I only find meaning in things in life when you are there for me and I want you to know that I truly love you.

I am happy for the good times we had. They made me see life differently. They were the amazing moments I can never forget. I still love you, baby. I do with the whole energy in my body.

I wish you could look back at all we have been through together and realise that all I wanted was a happy life. I wish you could review my actions to see that I have loved you all through the seconds that made up the days we spent together. I wish you could feel it in your heart that I still love you.
There is no special laughter aside the kind I had with you, there are no painful tears compared to the ones I had when you said goodbye. You mean everything to me, it’s unfortunate that you can’t look beyond my eyes and see that my heart beats for you every day. (I still love her.)

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