You have it in you, and you carry it everywhere you go. It has become a part of you, and if you were to lose it, it would mean you have lost your identity. But things were not always like this, remember? You used to be happy and content with yourself, and you used to do that thing, that one thing that makes you happy. Do you still remember it? I bet today you look down on it, saying, “ayisangijabulisi futhi kuyafana, so why should I keep doing what won’t take me anywhere?”

That is you now, and I hate this new you. I blame the “stage” you are in, and I curse the growing up.

It is okay, though. It will all come back, because no one stays 17 forever. You may think you have no talent, no one loves you, and you will not get far in life because of your marks at school. You may feel depleted now, but I know that one day, just one day, you will remember the nights you cried yourself to sleep, and still went to school the following day like nothing happened. It is all because you are strong.

Do not worry, I see you and the efforts you are putting in. Do not worry too much, because this life we are living is hard, and you are doing just perfect so far. Keep on going.


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