Maybe this is karma for all my wrongdoings. I’ve played many girls’ hearts; I am an obvious reason for their depression. But this time around karma handed out awards to my deeds. I naturally handed my heart to a woman who cares about her status. Pfffrrrr! Let me sniff out the mucus.

I remember the time she said, “You’re disgusting me.” I personally believed that we were totally different. She forgot the reason why she fell in love with me and how we made a significant amount of time for each other. But that took only a second; her friends intervened saying I was wrong for her.

Yeah, my past was wrong for her, not my present presence. I had to let the boat sink to evade improper treatment of my emotions. Call me a goat; it takes me a second to think. I guess every dog has its day.

I write this sad line here, but it is a bad line because I’ve hurt others and some became mothers. Now I am a father who never bothers about his babies and is always chasing ladies.

Whoa, this is Thabiso Moalahi.

Here in this dark world I used to think that having a number of women by your side is a precious thing, but it has come to my realisation that I was just wasting my fruitful time on meaningless things.


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