I remember the first time laying my eyes on you. I looked at you and I wondered, “Is this guy for real, out of every girl out there, he’s here annoying me”. But you kept coming back even after my warnings.

I decided to give you a chance even though I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t sure if you truly loved me or if you just wanted to use me and dump me.

I remember the day you told me that my name is tattooed in your heart, and I know how hard it is to remove a tattoo. My mind ran wild again, wondering if it all was real, whether I was dreaming or was it just you with your tricks.

We shared tears, laughter, problems and even lost our loved ones. We celebrated each other’s birthdays every year, planned our dreams and futures together. Our kids are growing with all the love you shower them with.

And I hear “Mama” and “Papa” day in, day out. Our family is always happy because of you. The sufferings you go through, sometimes leaving at 4am just to provide for me and the kids.

Sometimes I run out of words to say to you, but today you should know that I love and appreciate you.

May God bless you. Thank you for your love Armindo Nduvane. You are my solace.

I remember you.


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