I remember when I said goodbye to my dad. I felt worse than sad. We were bidding goodbye to each other. I love my father more than anything. I remember how painful it felt leaving my father alone in that cruel world. I remember that it was not like I was actually dying, but it seemed like it. I had to leave him behind when I came to South Africa.

I remember how much I missed my father in the eight months we were separated. I remember when he arrived after eight months! I was the happiest girl in the world when we met again. I remember how hard I cried that day because in those eight months we were separated I did not shed even one tear. I remember how I had held back my tears and told myself, “I am strong so I will not cry while I wait for my dad.”

I remember telling my father how much I had suffered without him in my life. I remember how we spoke about how much we thought about each other every day for eight tough months. I remember the promise he gave me. I remember his eyes when he said, “I’ll never leave you alone again.”