It was the Friday evening of the preparations for my parent’s wedding. Everyone in the house had something to do. My mother was terribly worried about everything. What if something went wrong with the preparations which would prevent the wedding from being just the way she imagined? Luckily nothing went wrong and Friday passed.

Now the big day came, the Saturday. Most people did not sleep well because of limited space. Some slept on couches, chairs, everywhere you can think of. Some had blankets and others didn’t. They woke up with their bodies painful and exhausted from the preparations of the day before and a restless night.

My old aunt was waking everyone in the house with her shouting voice. “Vukani bo! Kanti abantu ababoni ukuthi sekusile, nalala sengathi senifile nje, umsebenzi umile phandle!”

“Hawu! Mama kanti umuntu uphumula nini lapha kuwe uthetha ngesikhathi esihambile,” my cousin said.

Old aunt replied, “Uma nilala ubani ozokwenza umsebenzi? Akuvukwe!.”

Everyone got up and started working. They prepared and fixed everything that was not finished the day before. The maid of honour was a beauty therapist. She was the one who was doing the beauty stuff for my mother – nails, make-up, and the fixing of the hairstyles – there and there!

The bride and her maid were in my mom’s room fixing make-up and dressing up. No kid was allowed to enter.

“Ngithukile angazi nokuthi ngenzeni,” my mom said.

The maid of honour said, “Just relax, breathe. I know the feeling, but it will pass into something you have waited for for a very long time.”

The flower girl said, “Just have strength. We believe in you and you have just set a good example to other women out there, even for us.”

Now it was the time for people to see their bride and groom. There were sounds of joy and happiness when they came out. And the day was lit, the sun was out, shining, so beautiful. It just gave hope that, yes, the wedding was meant to happen that day. There were no limits on what anyone could wear as long as they were comfortable.

The family and people were ready to see the bride and groom tying the knot. Everyone got in the cars and saw their way to church where the pastor was waiting for the bride and groom.

The pastor said, “Namhlanje sihlangene lapha ukuzohlanganisa uSiphamandla Makhathini noPhindile Mazibuko. Masibaphe ihlombe ngokwenza into enhle kangaka ifezeke.”

The community clapped hands and screamed with joy.

The pastor said, “Siyabonga, manje sekuyisikhathi lapho umuntu ngamunye kulaba esibahlanganisayo sokuba basho izithembiso zabo kulomshado. Sicela kuqale uSiphamandla.”

After both my parents had said their vows, the pastor asked them to show their love in front of everyone. They kissed and hugged. The screaming started from there until we went back to our cars. Everyone was invited to the bride’s home where lunch was served.

It was almost the end of this beautiful day, where people had plates and sweet bowls of happiness. After lunch people chilled and danced to the music. That is the day I will always remember until now and forever. It has kept a good memory of my parents.

It’s a day that will always bring a smile to my face.