I saw you from afar and I already knew we were meant to be together. The sound of your voice soothed the pain I felt inside. It was refreshing and it made me remember the sling of cupid, the goddess. Your mind had something I cherished, you were quite open-minded. We came to a peak and we went out and shared our first moment.

I was mesmerized by your beauty, brains and sense of style and when we shared our first kiss, you were magical! I always wanted to be within your heartโ€™s premises and made sure to leave a mark. You were like rain in my dry soul, I slipped through the glass of your intelligence. You were perfect and I always wondered where you came from. Were you an angel?

But, quickly after you broke my heart, repeatedly, I thought I would heal but I didnโ€™t bring myself to it. I always have thoughts that I will never find such love we had. It was perfectly drawn by an excellent artist.


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