My name is Thompho and this is my journey of life… where do I start? Let me start at the beginning, where I met Precious…

Presh (as I a call her) and I met at a village called Tswinga, in Venda. Presh was dating my cousin when we met. Actually, I could say we met through my cousin. One day I was sitting at home so bored, with nothing to do; Mxit was boring, Whatsaap was the same. All I had was Facebook.

I logged in just so I could add her, and I did. After 15 minutes I heard a notification on my phone – it was Precious accepting my request. I was so happy! It felt as if I had known Presh forever. From that day we started chatting like… abnormally. We became bonded to each other; in the morning she would greet me with texts like: “Morning, time to chrt nw.” And I would respond and say words like: “watever u wnt!”

It was an everyday thing and I couldn’t complain – it felt great! Even my cousin and I didn’t connect like that.

As we chatted daily, so our bond and friendship grew. One of the things we talked about most was relationships. I would keep on telling her that I’m just enjoying my single life and she would laugh. I was very busy with my work at the Market Theatre, so I had no time to date.

One day she said to me, “Why do you keep on telling me that you’re single?”

“Nothing, Presh, I’m just telling you,” I answered.

“Oh, I was so scared Thompho…” she said with hesitation.

“What’s the matter?”

Her exact words to me were: “I’m tired of living a lie. It has been two months now since I discovered that I had feelings for you.”

Wow I was shocked; didn’t know what to say. I had a class in the Markert Theater at 30 minutes, so I just ran and left her there.

I didn’t know what to tell Presh; I was starting to love her too … but what about my cousin? That’s what kept me more worried, more and more as days went on. I stopped chatting with Presh because I was afraid. I didn’t have a solution to her request … My best friend, Ndivhuwo, noticed that something was wrong me and he asked me what the matter was. I told him everything.

He asked whether I loved her. Honest truth? I have always admired Presh from the day we met and there was no one who could make me feel like that in my life. She completed me. I couldn’t just let her off ma hands like that, but what I was afraid of was ruining my relationship with my cousin. But now I had to forget about others and focus on me.

I ran a hot bath and afterwards, I called Presh. She didn’t answer the phone and I became worried, a lot. I called again and finally she answered.

“I knew you would call Thompho,” she said answering.

“I had to,” I said with a shaky voice.

I went to see her. Finally I told her. “Precious, I love you more than the word love. You are the candle that brightens my life when there is darkness … When I’m with you my heart is filled with joy and happiness…”

“Thompho please stop it,” she was crying and I didn’t know what I had done. After some moments she spoke.

“Your words made me cry. I haven’t cried for any boy, you’re very special to me, don’t ever forget that.”

We kissed for 10 minutes, passionately. It was amazing!

We didn’t care what people would say, what mattered was that we loved each other.

When my cousin found out he was so furious. He kept telling the whole village about how bad Presh was and how much of a whore she was. But I didn’t care. What had happened, happened. I wish that one day my cousin and I will reunite again.

Years and years passed and Precious and I were dating. Our love became an example to young people in our community. I love you, my Precious.


Let’s chat: Have you ever “stolen” a love from a close friend or family member? Please share.