On the 24th of February 2016, at Walter Sisulu University, I was a young man without any insight about varsity life.

I’m from Bizana, coming from a poor background and I told myself that under any circumstances, my family needed my success. We went through the registration process and began to attend classes. The timetable came out and we went to the class and most people were absent on that day.

We met up with two ladies by the name of Ayavuya and Ncebakazi, as well as three gentleman, Zuzu, Mihle and Musa. Recently, I had found out that we were a syndicate with the same views and we ended up working as a team. But as time went on, people tended to be lazy. My concern was that I thought we were on the same page but later I found out that varsity life had blinded our people.

The classes tended to be seriously attended and we also committed ourselves to attend regularly. I knew what I am capable of and did not accept any form of demotivation because I knew that time wasted could never be returned. I, as Mfezeko and my best friend Phiwe, did not give up because we were self-motivated. I had seen the best side of Phiwe and also knew what he was capable of.

Many people failed to obtain good marks in order to enter the exam room. The first draft for final exams came out and we were prepared enough to tackle any kind of questions because we told ourselves that patience is a virtue. The state of being educated is not an easy stage. I know it was not easy but I will strive to do my best to make sure that I succeed. I know it won’t be easy, but it is doable.


Tell us: Why do you think most people lose focus when they get to university?