What started off as a small issue about two years ago turned out to be a real heartbreaker. There I was just fourteen years old and yet condemned. Life threw turmoil at me but I stood still. Playing in the hot summer sun was all I ever longed for.

As a curious little girl, I was always obsessed with how the human body functions. So, as time went on I started learning about cancer. I did research and fell in love with the idea of helping people with cancer. I did a self-examination procedure and discovered a lump in my right breast. Although I knew it was not normal, I couldn’t really tell what it was.

I kept quiet and observed as days turned to months. I started to panic and decided to go to the nearest clinic. At that time I was writing my 2016 end of the year exams.I was under a lot of pressure and yet I never broke a sweat. My experience at the local clinic was not what I expected.

The service was bad. I spent the entire afternoon waiting for a miracle to come. I never gave up, I found comfort in my closest friend Duncan. A friend indeed to a friend in need. Three months later I went to another clinic where I was sent in circles but finally had a breakthrough. I was told to go to the public hospital.

That still haunts me to this day. I finally saw the doctor and he promised me that everything would be fine. I was over the moon. But that happiness that soon turned to sadness. Six full months later I returned to the hospital and the doctor said I was over thinking the situation. I knew deep down that I was dying inside.

Anger became my friend and I hated the world for making me sick. Slowly but surely I started liking the idea of making a difference in my country. I spent 120 hours of my time doing community service. I enjoyed every minute of it. I found joy in helping others and reading stories. I studied really hard through cold nights and dark days.

Poverty was just another word in the dictionary. I had bigger goals, bigger than the world itself. I want to be a geneticist and specialize in human genetics.God is always watching. I got a call from the doctors to make an appointment. I did a few tests and at least was shortlisted with people who needed an operation.

It’s not what I wanted but at least it’s something. With confidence, I strongly believe I will beat this cancer and go to medical school. I want to turn this disappointment to be my next appointment. Now my main goal is to leave a mark in this world so they know I was here.

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