There are things that can make you hate your family and make you think a lot and wish to change your surname. Yeah! I am on the backyard on a small shack I call a ghetto, it may seem cool but it’s not cool at all. My siblings are not patient with me; they think I’m a bad boy but deep inside my heart I know I’m a good boy.

My siblings torture me for the things I did in the past. Everyone seems to think of me as a bad boy who behaves aggressively and I think a lot about that. But what I do best is to just ignore them.

I hate myself, my surname and my siblings.

I don’t mean it it’s just that when I feel like that it makes me cry. Because I do care about them and the future indeed, that’s what they don’t know. I want to see them succeed. What they think is that I’m just a foolish boy who smokes dagga. Nowadays they don’t just say dagga, they usually say nyaope and what hurts most is that the entire community thinks I smoke.

Now I’ve seen things happen and it’s hard to prosper having no role model in your life. Now I think the universe hates me it’s really awkward and torturing. I hate that feeling.

At home my father abuses me. I live with him and he kicked my mother out of the house while I was at school. I don’t know maybe God is just showing me how life trends. Well I take this entire plight as my secret. But guess what, my father is a traitor and he doesn’t know how to solve problems.

For you to solve problems you need to go to a police station. He wins because he is a fast counter-argumentative person. It’s really hard knowing you have a father who doesn’t take care of you. I think if things go well for me I will really feel cheated by my siblings who are now elders because I know they’ll need me, what they do now will end. It’s not for eternity.

What really hurts is that they know my struggle but they keep on torturing me. What they do best is to feign for me; they just don’t trust me. The time everything was cool and fine they were there for me, they were the ones I admired. Now I’m just wondering what point they want to prove by letting me suffer in my ghetto left with no food, hope, or love.

I’m now lonely and I think they are careless and unfaithful.