Just like the sun rising from the hills, shining bright during summer mornings, rejoicing for a new day, I was very happy that I was starting at a college. I was finally going to school wearing my favourite outfit, leaving my school uniform at home, hanging in the wardrobe. It was not going to be used again.

I quickly went to the balcony to feel and smell the fresh air but it was not as good as the morning fresh air I used to feel when I was home in the rural areas. Everything was different here, no layering mist on the green grass, not even birds chirping in the morning. All I could see were beautiful tall buildings of Johannesburg. There was too much noise from the traffic and many people rushing to work. What a big and overwhelming city.

The first day at college was good and the day finished very fast that I could not wait for the second day. The following day I woke up very early in the morning, I did all the house chores as usual and I was off to school. The day was even greater than yesterday because I met new friends.

On my way back home from school I tired from crossing and jumping the streets of Jozi. It started raining and I quickly ran to the nearest shopping centre. As I was looking at all the fashion and stylish clothes, waiting for the rain to stop, something caught my eye. It was a shining silver necklace with two connected hearts.

I could not believe my eyes; it was so beautiful.

I slowly went towards it in deep in thought. The way a small heart was attached to a bigger heart made me a little emotional. I thought of my grandmother who died of a heart attack, she was my mother too and the love I had for her no one could explain. Our hearts were connected like the ones on the necklace.

I bought the necklace.

When I got home I sat in front of a mirror and put the necklace around my neck and wore it. It was glittering and I could feel grandmaโ€™s presence. I was so convinced that the necklace had bought and connected our spirits together.

The bond between me and the necklace was very strong, I was always wearing it everyday. I loved and adored the necklace, everything about it meant something to me. Its silver colour gave me hope and I believed that it represents the unconditional love I have for Grandma. I felt positive whenever I wore it. The necklace was so special to me.

One day I had to give the necklace to someone.

It was not easy, I felt like I was losing my grandmother again. I gave it to a little friend of mine, a girl nine years younger than me. She used to compliment me on how beautiful the necklace was. It was her birthday and she had told me months before and I had forgotten about it. I felt guilty because I did not have anything to give to her, not even a chocolate to support her chocolate addiction. She came to me that day and asked if I could borrow her my necklace so that she could wear it to her birthday party. I gave it to her as her birthday gift and told her to keep it forever.

The smile on her face made me feel alive. I was happy that my special necklace made someone smile.