I know my father will never change. It is not my wish and I may be angry at the moment but the truth is, I know for sure that he will never change. He is a jerk, a drunkard and all he thinks of is himself. God forgive me but all this is true, my father is the greatest liar in the world.

Fifteen years are gone and this man is doing the same thing; coming home drunk on pay day. He starts lying to his wife, saying that he didn’t get paid or he was short paid. My mother would start asking for pay slips and he would lie and say he would get them the following week. When my mother starts arguing with him, then the problem starts. He gets angry, swears at her and throws bad names in her face.

There was this day I nearly hit him. I was angry and couldn’t hold myself, thank God my bigger sister was there. She grabbed me and cooled me off – otherwise my life would be full of regrets now. My sister said that they didn’t want to lose me, I could end up in jail. On that day my father was swearing at my mom saying that she was a witch, that’s what angered me.

Things are better at home when he is sober; he is quiet, talks nicely and there are so many promise he makes. We are used to the promises because that’s his best song. He promises that he will never touch alcohol again, and he will starts buying groceries. When pay day arrives, he gets drunk and the mask changes and he is no longer the quiet, nice person.

I don’t want to be like my father when he is drunk. When I am married I don’t want to hurt my wife or my family. In fact, I want my family to be happy and I wanna be a good father to my children. Again, God, please forgive me but my father is a liar and he will never change.