Deep down it wasn’t me, but my disturbed mind giving her the love she missed for a year all alone. Oh God, she missed me and all she wanted was a hug, but I was just cold and standing there with my hands hidden behind my back,

I could see her heart melting, eyes tired, like she was about to cry. I had brought back our memories, but that didn’t change the fact that she cheated on me. I just wanted to hand over the document and wait for her to get done with it, divorce papers to be specific. But a part of my emotions changed my decision. Memories came back, including my mind. Her magic with her smile actually worked again, made me forget the pain she caused me for a moment.

Sad part is I had given my heart to someone else to take care of, and we never talked since then. If only she would have let me explain that I forgive her. I want to come back home. But there I was, back on drugs, manipulating myself that I was over it. We were done and there was nothing I could do.


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