I appreciate you, dear mother for all those times you’ve been through. I mean those first nine months you carried me, those times when the spotlight was only on me.

I appreciate you, dear mother for you spent your precious time bonding with me, loving me unconditionally and making me comfortable and warm whilst protecting me from external harm. No lie, that’s what pure love and care was.

I know that I won’t ever be able to repay you for all that you’ve done for me. I hope you know that I really appreciate it, Mama. For if you did not want me, I would not be here today. I appreciate you dear mother for when I caused you sleepless nights, tossing and turning in bed without a helping hand. You were patient. You sang beautiful lullabies to put me back to sleep. I knew, even back then, that’s what love was.

I really want to thank you, Mama because there’s no one else like you. I appreciate you dear mother for all those times that I messed up and missed family dining and winning times. I appreciate you dear mother for those times I acted crazy but you knew that’s what teen years were like.

I appreciate you dear mother for those days I made wrong choices and acted stupidly, believed friends over family. But you never gave up on me. I didn’t listen to you still, you never abandoned me. You were and still are always available for me. You still give me your shoulder to cry on.

Your warm hands to hug me. Your mouth always utters sweet words: “It’s OK”, which makes me feel better and not bitter. For the motherly love you showed and still show me. Mama you are the best. Seeing you hurting, suffering and crying breaks my heart. Those tears on your cheeks tear me apart, dear mama. I wish I could take them all away so that you could feel better. I love you Mama.

Thank you for the extra love and support you give me, for trusting me even though I’ve disappointed you a thousand times. Hold on mama, just don’t give up now. Don’t slow down or back off just yet, not when I need you the most. I’m going to make you proud one day, keep rolling on and rocking up the motherhood role.

There’s no one, man or woman that can ever replace you in my life for I feel safe and loved by you alone. I love and appreciate you, dear mother.