I bet this concerns you! Yes, this concerns you because you are one of the strongest people in South Africa. Face it, be brutally honest with yourself. You have gone through a lot in the last few years, especially 2020. Before this pandemic you already went through rough times. You lost a lot of vital people in your life. Some of you lost your kids, your spouse, your family pillar, and for a moment you were depressed like hell. You are one of us, for those who still stand even without parents.

For those who keep pushing boundaries with massive terminal problems, I am talking about those who slept a week with an empty stomach. People, I am talking about us, you are one of us. You lost a job, but you keep standing. You were sexually victimised, but they never took the fight out of you.

I am one of you. I became blind for a year, but my eyesight came back. I lost my father due to a horrible accident, but I am still standing. I believe that all those things make us who we are. We are giants, we stand tall. Whatever happened to you be proud, own it because you are strong.

Jwalo ere ko bontšhe something (Let me show something). What you went through was one of the most vital lessons that fuels vitality and growth into your life. We are not victims because we manage to overcome our problems. We rise. We are the best versions of ourselves.

They say, they say look at him, he doesn’t have a job. Look at her, she’s pregnant again, they say. They say look at them, they don’t have parents. They say you are weak. You are not going to succeed and you are not going to run your business. They say ohh he’s a failure. They say this and that.

The question is what do we say about ourselves? What do we say and feel about ourselves? We look deeply into ourselves and we believe and conceive we are strong. We believe in ourselves and we know where we are coming from. But what is essential is that we acknowledge where we are going and we make progress towards attaining our goals. We see ourselves not as the victims but as giants.

Are you prepared to take massive commitment in doing your best? Are you focusing on building yourself into something magical? Are you igniting the best version of yourself? Are you silencing the critics by keeping going? Well from my side, I say yes. I am the lion. I am not a sheep. I’m the strongest goat on this planet. I went through dark days, but ladies and gentlemen I’m a hurricane. You are strong.

If you are busy taking your time reading this piece you are special. People who take time to read are one of the most consistently improving people in the world. Please, never stop dreaming, refuse to stop setting goals. How about that ladies and gentlemen, how about that?

I love you, I love the world. I believe we are going to overcome every tough situation in this country. We are the strongest people. People from KZN, Limpopo, Gauteng, all the Capes. The whole of South Africa is strong. I am one of them. We are strong. We don’t need sympathy. We don’t care about criticism. We fight our own battles. We treat every tragedy as a lesson. We are weak enough to know that we are strong!


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