Some people call me a red and fragile rose but a rose won’t grow in the dark alone. I am still a rose in progress and a seed that grows into a flower. I am a storm that’s rising and I am getting stronger with every hour. I am no longer a car that’s moving. I have run out of speed and I am now a vehicle in a scrapyard.

I have been wrecked, I have been pushed around, lost and found. People have talked about me constantly. People have used me so as to make themselves popular. I am now lonesome, with nobody around. There are times when I ask myself so many questions that no one else can answer. Some people loved me truly meanwhile others didn’t but I still have nothing to regret or lose. I have accepted the past and I believe that everything that happened and everything that will happen was meant to. There’s a reason behind it.

People have used me to climb mountains, walked through valleys. People said I would not make it, they said I was not destined for fame, fortune and success. But guess what? I made it and I got them wondering how.

There was only one person who was always there for me. He’s never been the one to hurt me. He always gives me peace of mind, his name is God.

There were days where I found myself between two walls, but what doesn’t kill me always makes me stronger, I know. I now believe that no matter what circumstances I am going through I will rise again and no one will ever knock me. I am now an angel in disguise, when my faith is gone I’ll rise again. I might be a vehicle in a scrapyard but to me that does not mean I am no use anymore. I now feel like every day I am picking up speed because God is in control.