In 2005 Cater began hunting as a professional in the Amazon jungle. Cater was a great
wild animal butcher. His wife didn’t like seeing him in those works, because she thought about how Cater was merciless towards wild animals. Once he finished hunting all the animals, he would turn to hunting people which included his wife.

Cater’s father was the leader of their clan, who was also a great hunter and killer of dangerous animals in the Amazon. He always used to say that his first grandson would be a special hunter, not an animal hunter but a hunter of human beings.

A year later, Cater’s wife gave birth to a son who was the first-born of Cater and the first
grandson of Cater’s father.

Cater was celebrating his newborn baby, especially a baby boy as his father had dreamt. But Cater’s wife was incredibly upset because she had thought that her son would grow up to be a human hunter. Cater named his first son Cata, which means cat.

At 10 years old Cata started to accompany his father Cater into the forest to hunt wild animals.

At 15 years old, Cata was twice the killer of his father when it came to killing wild animals. Cater begun to be doubtful of his son. He tried to stop his son from moving into the Amazon jungle and managed to stop Cata for two consecutive days, but Cata went to tell his grandfather how his father was trying to stop him from hunting. Cata begged his grandfather to tell his father to let him do what he wanted.

Cater’s father became so upset by his first born. As a top hunter in the family he ordered his son to be killed so that Cata could be alone and free in the jungle. Cater was killed and Cata left his mother and went to live in the jungle alone.

He grew into a strong man, a strong butcher, he became the king of all the animals in the Amazon. Cata forgot his family, including his mother and his grandfather. He built a new kingdom of hunting in the Amazon. He stopped hunting wild animals and began to hunt human beings in and around the forest. He hunted and killed a large number of people, even his mother.

His grandfather who was the king of hunting,started to worry about Cata after he killed his mother. Cata’s grandfather decided to go to hunt Cata and when he found him, he killed him.


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