First of all, if you’re a guy you know the phrase “men don’t cry”. They say crying reveals weakness and that you are probably gay. Society stereotypes gay men as feminine. Society also views men as being superior to women because of physical and emotional strength, somehow overpowering women is celebrated.

Throughout our adolescent years, we’re taught to see, hear and learn that men are the breadwinners of the house. No matter what the wife does, we shouldn’t care. We are the ones ‘destined’ to support and protect the family. Men can leave their children fatherless. The only thing we are obliged to do in parenthood is to be financially supportive. Men don’t show emotions. Men are the essence of life and so many other things.

I fail to understand why men, myself included, can’t accept that everything listed above is wrong. Some may be necessary but they are still wrong. We act tough and oblivious to how we treat women. We are restrictive towards our emotions and just plain dumb. I know a lot of guys would defend themselves saying they are not dumb, but you know what? You are.

The reason I say this is because men do cry. Like cry-cry, as in tears-out cry. It’s just that men know where and when to cry. Women just can’t hold it in as we do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t or shouldn’t cry. Men aren’t superior to women. We should all be treating each other as equals. It may not always work out when it comes to physical strength, but the strength that God gave you, you should be using on good things. Like helping around the house, protecting the wife and kids, etc. Alcohol abuse shouldn’t be your excuse for women abuse…

We all know the stories of how men lead and will never seek help from women right? But one thing people forget is that times have changed, you should not be stuck in the same mindset. Women are leaders too, they put food on the table. They have changed from being scared and are now outspoken about how they feel… I mean know there is movement like #MenAreTrash, which advocates against men mistreating women. A man should not feel inferior because he earns less than his partner. One thing I still fail to understand is why men neglect to raise their children. As a true and honest man, I say they are cowards.

Men feel the same way women do, sometimes we may even feel more but it may take a while to admit to our feelings. We get hurt, we feel pain and heartbreak as women do. It may not seem like it but we do. It’s just that we have poker faces, that never reveal hurt.


Tell us: How do you think we can combat patriarchal norms and systems?