NB: This story is fiction and should not be treated as a true story.

It all began in a little village on the east side of the grasslands, in a city of plantation called Okee-Yokee, a small area in Greenland. Life was excellent if you lived there. You would have spectacular crops and if you had livestock. They would produce big, fat and juicy meat that would last a lifetime. That is why it’s called Greenland.

Not far from Okee-Yokee, a great mountain formed about 2000 BC. It is the largest mountain in the world, measuring up to 8,848 metres high. The top of the mountain was freezing cold, even though it was hot and dry on the land. Since the mountain was higher than the clouds, most of the time when the clouds passed it, they would bump onto the mountain causing it to become wet, foggy, cloudy and very cold.

One day, as all the villagers were carrying on with their work, the weather began to change. It started turning cold, and dark clouds gathered. Some villagers knew there was a storm coming. They quickly finished their work and rushed into their little huts.

There were lashes of lighting.

Splintering and splattering of heavy rain.

Roaring and booming thunders began.

The entire country became cold as never before. This continued every day for a month. On the mountain, after the storm, the rain that remained on the mountain froze into white ice because of the cold mountain. After the storm stopped, the place was quiet for a few minutes. But the freezing mountain was still covered with the ice.

The whole mountain became big, white, and heavy. It couldn’t support the weight of the ice. It was like an active volcano ready to erupt. Just then, a force of wind struck and all the ice on the mountain blew off, covering the whole area. The whole of Greenland was white with ice. The trees, houses, livestock, hills and rivers were all covered up.

Many people from around the world came to see the incident and were amazed at what they saw. Even scientists from around the globe came to study it. One scientist studied what caused this disaster. He took some of this ‘ice’ and mixed it with chemicals. He poured it first on the Antarctic Ocean. Nothing happened. He then tried it on the land. After a while, a quarter of the continents were covered with the ice. He added more chemicals and tested it again on the remaining land. This time, the whole continent was covered with the ‘ice’.

He named the whitish ice ‘snow’ after his name because he discovered it. He named the continent ‘Antarctica’ after the Antarctic Ocean. Since today, Greenland and Antarctica are still covered with snow. Today, Mount Yokee is known as ‘Mount Everest’ because of its story.