It was in the middle of the year when I started dating one of the pretty girls in our school. The girl was so cute in the way that most boys around school were looking at her. It was a great opportunity for me to find myself dating such a pretty girl who most of boys couldn’t manage to get a chance to date. That was something great for me.

I started having lots of friends because they were proud of me because I had managed to date such a pretty girl. That is where I started to lose focus on my studies and put all my focus on my pretty girl.

One day we had a chance to write a text to see how we had improved. Most of the marks were low. The teacher was so shocked. He called me in private to ask me if I recognized that my marks were dropping just because of the girl I was in love with.

I was lucky because I still had a great opportunity to improve so that I could pass at the end of the year. If it was not because of my teacher I would be repeating the grade now.