All was pure and nice with us. I gave all my attention and my love to my girl. The love between us was magical. Going a day without talking to each other was just impossible. I never knew true love before and I was feeling it in that moment. Ohh! It was so sweet sometimes. We could spend a day together and a night just looking at the sun going down. Being in each other’s company was the sweetest feeling ever. Sometimes we would buy things for each other, but mostly we would buy each other some chocolates or dried chips. Everything was amazing. Making love was so pure, you could feel the blood from the heart moving to all parts of the body. The feeling was intense. But that was then, before I met Whiney.


It started so simple. Trust me, something so simple as a smile can change everything. It can change for the best or for the worst. This is how my life changed forever. There was this girl in my class; she hardly spoke. I thought she was not normal.

The other day when the class let out, I asked one of my friends about this girl from our class. He only knew her name, Whiney. Days and weeks passed and I began paying more attention to her. I soon realised she had no friends. She was not that bad looking and she wore descent clothes, so it was a strange thing for such a cute girl like her to have no friends. But that’s all the description you really need of her.

The other day I decided that I would greet Whiney after class. But immediately after, she was already gone. I rushed out after her and saw her walking across the lawn under the tree where students relaxed after class. I ran toward her and touched her on the shoulder, saying “Hi!” She was shocked, but she still replied to my greeting. I told her my name and that I already knew hers. She had a huge smile upon her face and the sight of it lightened my heart. I told her that I would see her the next day. With that, she smiled and left.

Days passed. One day we were having a meeting after class and I walked over to Whiney to greet her. She was polite. I asked her for her digits and, at first, she was shocked. I told her that I just wanted to get to know her as a classmate. She then gave me her digits and I was so happy. I didn’t know why I was so happy, because there was nothing I felt for her. I was sure there wasn’t anything more, I thought to myself.

That night, when I was busy with my phone, I realized that I had airtime, so I decided to call her. She picked up the phone and we politely greeted each other, then wished each other a good night. Remember! At that point in time, my love life was still so amazing. Everything was going so well and I was drunk in love with my girlfriend.

Days and weeks passed and Whiney and I talked once or twice over the phone, but still there was nothing I felt for her. But then I started to know her better than the people she spent her time with.

She started talking to me more often and I thought she was just being friendly. She started texting me, telling me to have a wonderful night. That still meant nothing to me.

Later, I started spending time with her and her friend. Her friend was short and skinny with short hair and brown eyes. She was also not bad looking and she told me that most of the time Whiney spent with me. I thought to myself, she is bluffing. But I later realised that she was serious. This realisation still meant nothing to me.

The girl from my class started to want to see me more often, outside of school even at home. The other day, she came clean and told me her true feelings. I thought, Wow! I didn’t want to spoil the fun so I pretended that I was speechless, wanting to hear more of what she had to say. But she stayed quiet and soon we parted ways.

We continued chatting with each other like nothing had happened, but I started ignoring her; she was starting to annoy me. Little did I know that the more I tried to move away from her, the closer I was becoming to her. Like lightening, I had feelings for her start to develop. I tried to ignore them, but as people say, when nature strikes, you feel the pain.

I started to call her more often, again, like a habit. We became closer, even more than friends. I was afraid that if I made a move it would be a disaster because I had deserted her the first time. But I finally gained the courage and the other week I asked to see her after class. She agreed.

When class ended we went out together, but I failed to express my feelings to her because I was nervous. I knew in my heart that Whiney knew what I was up to. A few days passed and I started paying more attention to her than my own girlfriend. I soon started having problems with my girlfriend, but I couldn’t have cared less. I started to believe that I had fallen for Whiney. So, I started ignoring my girlfriend, spending most of my time talking to Whiney, my girlfriend to be (at least in my mind).

The other day I was chatting with Whiney on Facebook. I was complaining to her that she didn’t want to give me time to talk to her, and suddenly I spilled the beans. I said something that I would regret, but only for a second because I was free.

She finally decided to give me the time of day and finally met me. We then started dating. The more I spend my time talking to Whiney though, the more I move away from my real girlfriend. And my girlfriend soon started to notice that my interest towards her was fading each and every day. The problem with my girlfriend was growing, but, on the other hand, my love for Whiney was on point.

But as for me, I was not happy, because I was trying to fix things with my real girl. But I was too late to fix it. She decided to breakup with me. Trust me, the feeling on the first day was not that bad. But by the second day after breaking up I was starting to feel her absence, and it was horrible. I was haunted with sleepless nights, thinking about what to do about the situation. The best choice I came up with was to take back my girl and leave Whiney.

You see, Whiney really wasn’t that amazing. The worst part about her was that she was a control freak. She was the type of girl that had moods that would change as quickly as the weather. I decided to end everything with her, but as for my real girlfriend, whose heart I broke, was nowhere to be found. Now, I’m a single guy, living with regrets.


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