It all began on a morning when I called out to my mom for help. I woke up crying, full of fear because of a dream I had. From that day, whenever I entered my room the vision of that dream made me leave.

Even though I left the room, life was not easy or simple like before that dream. Every moment I spent with people was peaceful but whenever I spent a little time alone I would focus on the dream. The more I focused on it, the more the painful my heart would get.

One good morning I met a very old man who was walking alone. The man spoke like he was an old friend and that made me comfortable enough to tell him my dream. He told me to pray and he even asked God to help me. I had never met someone special enough to lead me to know more about God.

I returned back home and was looking forward to seeking help from God. Within a week my soul was full of joy to a point that I could sleep alone in my room again. Today I am a praying person who fears God the most. People have seen the great job God has done through me.


Tell us: Have you ever got help from a stranger?