The Bible came in Africa, particularly Cape Town, South Africa in 1652 with Jan van Riebeeck. He was a businessman but he was also in a quest to instil Christianity in Africa. The easy way of getting Africans to be Christians was to give them the Bible and the missionary’s religion.

In 1652 he came alone, then later in 1737 missionaries came in numbers. Their mission, as the name suggests, was to take the land of a black child. They knew that Africans were so rooted in their beliefs and they were grounded. The Bible was there to change their perspective, the way they see church in an African way. They introduced a new way of worshiping, one that denounces our ancestors.

Before missionaries came and filled the land of our ancestors, there were African Prophets who prayed to their Supreme Being – their Creator. They used to call him in their different languages and in Xhosa he was Qamata, Mvelingqangi, Mkhulumncandi. In parts of the African continent they called their creator Mwari, Olorun, Kalunga, Nzambi, Nyame, Yala, Imana, Meketa, Chuku, Oludumare and God.

There was no Holy Spirit or the son. The Holy Spirit was even given a gender and identity, take a closer look at your Bible (Matthew 1:18-23) where it states that Jesus Christ was conceived by the virgin Mary through the holy spirit. Anything that is able to impregnate is masculine.

Our ancestors had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit, they only prayed to God their Creator, who is also a spirit.

Let’s get this clear: God is the Holy Spirit. The other two were introduced by the Bible, by Christianity. In African Spirituality we know the Creator (God) the one and only, and there are no other two figures by the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

In the Bible, when they write about the Holy Spirit they refer to it as a “he”. So basically the Holy Spirit is a person. And now my problem is that Christians always say they worship one God, but there are two figures besides God; Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Both of them are human beings in a way because they are both called “he” in the bible.

And when Christians pray they call to “God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” How? That means they pray to three Gods because trinity means three.

The main reason our parents followed Christianity blindly and denounced their own way is because they were told not to question the word of God. Let us not sit and just accept the status quo. If something is written in the Bible, interpret it. Just like when Jesus Christ said, “I was sent to rescue the lost sheep of Israel,” and you try to make it suit the whole world.

We cannot all follow the same religion as we are different. Jesus preached Judaism for the Jewish, I find it very strange that he did not even preach Christianity.

Also read Matthew 15:24 and Matthew 1:18-23


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