Sethu and Tumelo are sisters and children to Dan and Simphiwe. They are so close that they don’t even have outside friends. They are like twins but actually Sethu is three years older than Tumelo and is 25 years old. These two want to be twins, and their dad loves them so much. He wishes them all the success that they can get.

They have been to many places before but this time they choose to visit Kruger National Park in Phalaborwa for a week away. It is Monday morning and they have packed their matching leather suitcases with their tickets ready to arrive at Phalaborwa Airport from OR Tambo International Airport. They get onto a flight at 11 am and at 12 pm, they are at the park.

They go straight to their booked place and the security hands over to the door keys before carrying their luggage. Wow, their room amazed them: at the back of the yard there was a beautiful swimming pool. For today, they were planning to have a few wines at the bar and also have something to eat at the restaurant. They went out to have a few wines and ate food, dancing with freedom, away from their strict dad. They danced like there was no tomorrow. After all the fun, they went back to their place and had a good sleep, excitement rushing for tomorrow’s plans.

Tuesday morning they woke up with breakfast in bed. They bathed, dressed their swimming wear, and jumped straight in the swimming pool in matching blue swimwear. Sethu shouted, “Tumelo, Tumelo, Tumelo!” without getting a response.

Sethu couldn’t believe she had shouted her younger sister’s name more than twice with no response. Sethu then saw her sister’s body floating in the water. Sethu screamed, “Oh my God. I don’t believe what I see, has she drowned?” She was shocked, with her big eyes rolling. “How is Dad going to take this news? Oh my God, I am disappointed in me!” Sethu shouted. “Security!”

One male security appeared. Seeing Sethu’s sister’s body, he said, “I cannot believe my eyes.”

Security called the staff members. The staff members had disappointment in their hearts. They called the ambulance people. Three guys took Tumelo’s body to Kalafelong Hospital. When they got to the hospital, the doctors tried to drain out water from Tumelo’s body but it was too late for them. She was certified dead.

The family of Tumelo, they hate to be invited to a trip. They wish to hear no more about organising for a holiday week away.

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