A girl who was intelligent and full of life, had a challenge. The girl was born and grew up in a poor family with no money. It is said that money does not buy happiness but, I say, money does buy happiness.

Hear me clearly, there was no peace in her family, there was no love. Poverty planted anger and jealousy in their hearts. Unity was an unknown word to them. Can you picture that?

Luckily the girl was so proud to be who she was. She was the best learner academically at her school in class.

Even though she went to sleep at night on an empty stomach, she never thought of giving up. Even though the sun could rise through the holes of what she called her room, she would wake up and pull her socks up. This is what she called her life.

To cut this story short, the girl passed matric with flying colours. But due to insufficient funds, and because of the situation at home, the girl couldn’t go to university to further her studies. She had to take a gap year. Her bursary was approved, but because of her circumstances at home the girl couldn’t study.

I just wanted to tell her “Hold on girl, God’s timing is the best, you will study at university one day.”

But she couldn’t take it, she just couldn’t sit at home doing nothing, however she had no choice. In the generation we’re living in now, we have blessers, alcohol for those over 18, prostitution, and abortion is legal.

The poor girl had to sit at home the whole year. She could have chosen to do any of those things mentioned, but she did not. People judged her but she was the only one who understood her situation well.

Lord, was she born to be like this? Passing matric to just sit at home? At the moment, there are so many questions to be answered but no one can answer them…

Tell us what you think: Do you know people who are unable to study further thanks to financial problems?