It all started last year on the first of January. I was in grade 10 when I first saw him. Thabo, a grade 12 learner, was the hottest guy I’d ever seen.

Thabo was the most wonderful guy at Leseding high. He was always so friendly towards me. What he did not know was that I had fallen in love with him the minute I saw him on my first day at school.

After some few weeks, before Valentine’s Day, I was on my way to school. I heard someone calling my name and when I turned, there he was. I was so nervous because I had never been accompanied by a boy to school before, let alone a senior boy.

When we got to school all eyes were on us. People were wondering what is going on with us two. But I did not care about what other people said about me. I was enjoying my fantasy. The possibility of being in a relationship with was all I thought of.

The following day Thabo confessed to me about the way he felt. He proposed that I be his girlfriend and I accepted. I didn’t have to think twice about it because I was head over heels.

Finally after what seemed like a long time, although it was just a few days, Valentine’s Day came. I woke up in a good mood just thinking about Thabo and what the day had in store.

Thabo came past my house to pick me up for school. When we got to school we went up to his class holding hands as we walked. When we got there he told me to close my eyes and I did as I was told. I was excited. When I opened them, I thought I was in a garden of red and white roses mixed with exotic chocolates.

He came closer to me and held me tightly. He gave me the longest, hottest kiss ever. I was breathless. He said happy Valentine’s Princess. I felt my knees go weak and he noticed. He told me not to worry, that it’s normal because we love each other.

Right there and then I knew he was the only one for me. My soul mate to date. We never stopped loving each other since then. And we can’t wait to share our future together. Forever and ever till death do us apart.