Children fear the stupidest things these days. Spiders, dogs, ghosts, zombies and all those other things. But me, I know what true fear is. Have you ever witnessed your mom being torn apart in front of your little 7-year-old eyes? Well, I guess not.

I had always been a happy child. Got whatever I wanted, held play dates every weekend, had a room designed to my liking and my very own PA, well more like nanny. I guess you could say I was a very happy little boy who is extremely handsome, if I do say so myself.

My parents were rich so they decided why not have two children only. But guess what? My dear sister never got the chance to decide when she was ready to come to this world. She didn’t get to feel a mother and father’s love for two months.

Mother was eight months pregnant at the time. As a gift, dad bought her a brand new house. We went to see the house, just the three, no four, of us. We drove for a long while until we finally pulled up to a huge house. Dad put a smart looking card into a slot and the gate opened by itself. Pretty fancy hey? The house wasn’t complete though. A few men were busy in the lounge area but weren’t there when we arrived. Strange…anyway mother needed to wee. Luckily, there was a bathroom downstairs so she didn’t have to climb all those stairs. To her dismay, there was no toilet paper. Dad then went out to get some. Now listen to this, just when he left, we found some toilet paper in the kitchen area.
A while later there was a knock at the door. Mom and I thought it was dad but as soon as she opened the door, there she was. It was her. Gabi…

You don’t know who Gabi is? Well she’s the woman that is obsessed with my dad. The woman that tattooed my dad’s face on her back. The woman dad dumped for mom. The woman who despises mom. The woman who is the cause of mom’s previous miscarriage. The woman who was pregnant for dad but lost the kid at birth. But how did she get in? She didn’t have a fancy card, did she?

Mom stepped back in shock. She continued moving back until she bumped into me. She grabbed my little hand and we made an attempt to run up the stairs. But the two men who accompanied Gabi caught up with us. We ran the other way, down the other flight of stairs and found ourselves in the lounge again.
One of the men grabbed me and hit me hard. I bled a lot as I laid limp on the floor. The men pinned mother to the floor. Gabi took a long, sharp knife out of her bag. She proceeded to cut moms stomach open and took my sister out. My mom passed out from the pain and because she was bleeding a lot. I laid there, unable to do anything. I watched as my mom’s baby, my sister, was being taken out by force. She stabbed mom over and over again. I was helpless…

It’s been ten years since that day. I’m sitting on the couch with my dad, mom and my sister. We managed to get her back after dad turned to illegal methods. I smile with tears in my eyes as my sister blows out all ten candles. Memories of her birthday flood my mind and I guess I’m not the only one as mom starts crying too. We celebrate this day every year. It’s the day God saved my mother as she could’ve died but he said no. We celebrate this day because it’s the day we went through unimaginable pain but we are okay. We celebrate this day because it’s the day I, John Paul the second, became Elizabeth’s older brother.

Where’s Gabi you may ask. Well let’s just say a little birdy told me she’s been sentenced to life imprisonment.


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