There are a lot of people out there, who feel like they don’t belong on this planet or have a special purpose. There are a lot of people here on earth who think that the world is not their desired or destined place to stay because of the dark clouds that have covered their souls.

There are people out there who think that they can never change their bad days into good days like seasons.

There are people out there who feel and even think that they cannot calm storms that are blowing on the boats of their lives like Jesus. There are people out there, who feel like they don’t deserve most of the good things that are well natured here on earth. Other people just feel like they have been cursed by their forefathers or a devil. Others even feel like happiness doesn’t just come to everyone like the oxygen that we breathe.

There is one thing you should know and understand as you are still alive here on earth. Happiness is one thing we basically create within ourselves, at any time, elsewhere and even as long we exist here on earth. We must know that there are people out there who don’t even have or own anything here on earth but still manages to bring a smile on their faces. These people mainly don’t focus on those things they don’t have in their lives but rather on what their God has blessed them with.

This is the gift of life for there are other people who are now dead but the good Lord has spared their lives. The same with us, let’s not focus on those things that we don’t have right now but rather thank the good Lord on those things that the good Lord has blessed us with.

Last but not least, as long as we choose to remain true to ourselves, learn to appreciate who we are, see ourselves as being special in the eyes of the Lord, we are going to see the goodness of being here on earth just like the way we hear and even read in the Bible that there is everlasting happiness and joy in heaven. As long as we tend to focus on the good side of our lives, our lives will get motivated and we are always going to create our own land of milk and honey like Canaan.